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Earthquake Alerts

New Business Restrictions

- Currently there are no active new business restrictions -

In the event of a catastrophic event or disaster, we may place a restriction on new business submissions for the affected area. You will be notified of a restriction by your Underwriter and additional details will be posted on this page.

Latest Earthquake Information

ICW Group is committed to providing you timely event information so you can better serve your clients’ needs. For the most up-to-date event information, please continue to check this section.

View latest earthquake reports at USGS:

No Known Loss Letter Requirement

In areas that have been affected by an earthquake or other catastrophic event, we may require a No Known Loss Letter with all requests to bind new business or to add coverage. This letter confirms that no known losses or damages have occurred to the requested coverage location(s).

If a No Known Loss Letter is required, you will be notified by your Underwriter. For your convenience, you may use the No Known Loss Letter Template to expedite the quoting process.




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