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OSHA: Reporting Serious Injury or Fatality

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that employers report serious injuries, fatalities and catastrophic events within 8 hours of the incident or from when the employer receives notification.

Report Serious Injuries & Fatalities to OSHA

Florida, Illinois, Nevada,
North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina,
Texas & Wisconsin, call OSHA:


California, call your nearest OSHA at these locations:

Los Angeles:
San Diego:

Avoid Penalties!

Report any serious injury / illness, or fatality within 8 hours. If not, you may be penalized! For example, the minimum citation for failing to report the incident to OSHA is $5,000.

Download Reporting Serious Injuries & Fatalities to OSHA to learn more!

Be prepared:

  • Have a procedure in place to handle emergencies and OSHA visits.
  • Designate a manager to answer OSHA questions and to accompany the inspector.
  • Have a copy of your safety programs and training records organized and readily available.

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