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Risk Management Rx Safety Advisor FAQ's


Is there a cost for RMRx Safety Advisor?

No. RMRx Safety Advisor is provided free to all ICW Group Workers' Compensation clients, as a part of myResource.

How can I learn more about the RMRx Suite of Tools?

You will receive bi-weekly email announcements of upcoming webinars that will walk you through the functionality of each RMRx Safety Advisor Tool. You can access online video training as needed directly from within RMRx Safety Advisor. Plus, you can review the RMRx section of the myResource Policyholder Guide.

What happens if my company doesn't renew with ICW Group?

Policyholders will have 30 days to print or download their information from the site. After 30 days, access is no longer available.

How do I enroll my organization?

Use the Request myResource Accounts form.

Can multiple people at my organization receive the helpful ebulletins?

Yes! Simply add their names and email addresses using the RMRx Control Panel, Additional Contacts option.

Are there support FAQ's for myResource?

Yes! Go to myResource Information and click on FAQ's, or use this link: myResource FAQ's.

Who do I contact for support or additional questions?

  • You can contact your Risk Management Consultant.
  • Use the Contact Us page to find a consultant near you.
  • Email us at
  • Or call myResource at 877.289.1644.
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