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Your New RMRx Safety Advisor!

RMRx Safety Advisor provides the tools needed to build a culture of safety at your company.

  • Track and trend incidents; Quickly produce OSHA logs.
  • Select from over 1,300 safety documents (many in Spanish).
  • Conduct job safety analysis and hazard assessments, and track results.
  • Organize job descriptions and Return to Work programs.
  • Monitor safety training and certifications.
  • Track your Certificates of Insurance and stay current on COI requirements.

When you enroll to RMRx, you'll receive 2x monthly newsletters, with helpful safety and training tips, announcements of new features, safety presentations, and upcoming training webinars. Don't miss a single issue!

Quickly organize, customize, and share selected materials with your staff.

  • English and Spanish documents.
  • Safety articles.
  • Training programs, posters and quizzes.
  • Toolbox talks.
  • Safety policies and procedures.

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