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PayPro Terms of Use

ICW Group (which includes Insurance Company of the West, Explorer Insurance Company, and Verterra Insurance Company), has partnered with InsureLinx, Inc. (www.insurelinx.com) to provide the PayPro pay-as-you-go payroll program.

The PayPro program is a payroll reporting and premium payment option selected at the onset of your policy period.

Enrollment process

To enroll in PayPro, the principal on record will be sent an email with a custom link to create an online profile for your policy. This must be completed to register your policy, and includes acknowledging an online agreement, creating a username and password, indicating your payroll frequency and reporting method, and supplying owner/officer information.

There are also options in PayPro to identify your third-party payroll service and others at your company for PayPro accounts.

Reporting responsibility

You’re responsible for reporting your payroll on or before each payroll check date. You’ll receive an email each payroll due date as a reminder that it is due, even if you utilize a payroll service. If your third-party payroll service has agreed to submit payroll information on your behalf, there may be occasions on which you may need to assist in submitting payroll.

If you have no payroll for a pay period, it’s your responsibility to log in and indicate “Zero Payroll” under “Enter Payroll” in the main policyholder menu.

The InsureLinx System is primarily email-based and you’ll receive periodic requests
regarding your account, including employee classification and missing payroll. It’s very important that you respond to these emails! Failure to do so may lead to cancellation of your policy.

Service provider’s terms of use

See the InsurePay Terms of Use for additional details: https://portal.insurelinx.com/InsureLinx/TermsOfUse.html.

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