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Get in the Safety Zone: Solving the Top 6 Ergonomic Risks

Ergonomic-related injuries occur more than any other injury in the workplace and can result in $1 out of every $3 spent in workers’ compensation costs. Learn how to stay in the ergonomic safety zone to lower costs and boost productivity.

In this webinar you will learn how to identify the top six risks and practical ways to address them.

Topics include:

  • Evaluating the ergonomic risks in your workplace
  • Create a more productive worker by designing jobs to be ergonomic
  • Easy steps to practical solutions

Webinar: Get in the safety zone. Solving the top six ergonomic risks.

Download these helpful ergonomics resources

Ergonomics Evaluation Tool
Ergonomics evaluation.

Evaluate the top risks and make a plan to address them.

Download PDF
Ergonomics: It's Your Body at Work
Ergonomics: It's your body at work.

Hang this in your workplace.

Download PDF
Industrial Ergonomics Planning Document
Industrial Ergonomics Planning Document.

Edit this plan for your own company.

Download Word
Industrial Ergonomics Checklist
Industrial Ergonomics Checklist.

Checklist focusing on task and duration of ergonomic risk areas.

Download PDF
Safety Observation Guide: Lifting
Safety Observation Guide: Lifting.

Simple observation guide with the emphasis on lifting.

Download PDF
Shoulder and Neck Risk Factors Poster
Shoulder and Neck Risk Factors Poster.

Post to remind employees to limit actions that cause strain.

Download PDF