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S.T.E.P. UP to Safety Certificate Series: 4. STEP UP to a Better Safety Culture

U.S. workers continue to face an unacceptable number of work-related deaths, injuries and illnesses – more than 3 million a year! The good news is most of these are preventable. An enhanced focus on building a deeply ingrained safety culture is needed to bring these numbers down. But where do you start?

Watch “STEP 4: STEP UP to a Better Safety Culture” to learn how you can help influence your safety culture and protect your most valuable asset – your employees.

You’ll learn in this fourth webinar:

  • Assess your current workplace safety cultures.
  • 5 steps to influence your safety culture.
  • Tips to effectively measure your success.

Download these helpful STEP UP to Safety resources mentioned in the webinar!

Submitted Webinar Q&A
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Step 4: STEP UP to Safety Manager’s Workbook
Download Word
Safety Culture Maturity Self Assessment
Download Excel
Safety Culture Maturity Levels Poster
Download PDF
7 Tips to Promote Safe Behavior Flyer
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Be a Safety Coach Handout
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Webinar Presentation Handout
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