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STEP UP to Safety Certificate Series: 5. “PLAN” to STEP UP Your Safety Programs

If you don’t have a proactive and preventative safety program in place, you are hoping for the best. Learn how to improve your safety programs and reduce injuries with four simple steps – Prepare, Learn, Act and Note.

You are one STEP away from completing all 5 STEPS of our series and earning your safety certificate. Congratulations! Just joining the Safety Certificate Series? No problem! Watch the presentations you missed on-demand.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to motivate safe behaviors
  • Best practices for reviewing and measuring performance
  • Walk through the development of a sample safety program

Download these helpful STEP UP to Safety resources mentioned in the webinar!

Webinar Presentation Handout
PLAN to STEP UP Your Safety Programs Webinar Presentation
Download PDF
Step 5: STEP UP to Safety Manager’s Workbook
Download Word
PLAN to STEP UP Your Safety Programs Poster
Download PDF