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Taking Care of Business: Building Employee Handbooks


A good employee handbook communicates what your company stands for and what you expect from your staff. It helps employees at all levels understand their responsibilities, company policies, enforcement, and employer obligations. In short, it is an essential tool for every business.

All ICW Group policyholders have access to free HR advice and resources with HR OnDemand, including a Handbook building tool. During our next webinar, an expert from our HR OnDemand partner, Mineral, will discuss developing and implementing an employee handbook that’s right for your business.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Employee handbook must-haves
  • What you want to avoid
  • Handbook implementation methods
  • Section-by-section guide
  Taking Care of Business: Building Employee Handbooks.  

Download these helpful resources about Building Employee Handbooks

Webinar Presentation
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