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Need to report a claim? Get your claims kit, find your state forms, download posting notices and more.

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Help your injured workers with the claims process and provide them information to assist in their recovery.

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Access myResource for loss reports, claim summaries and RMRx risk management safety tools.

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Heat illness is deadly. Learn how to prevent heat illnesses and keep your outdoor workers cool.

Now Available — The Road Back to Work Webinar

Learn how you can create a favorable impact by building a successful Return to Work program.

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Find everything you need to make your premium payments, including online, mail and EFT.

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Build a culture of safety

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View webinars, training videos and more to help improve your company’s culture of safety.

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Important Notice: Individual state laws require certain workers’ compensation information be posted in the workplace and distributed to employees. See your state specific materials under the claims button to find mandatory posting notices, pamphlets and forms.