Fighting Fraud

Combat fraud and keep costs down

Insurance fraud costs everyone money, including you. Fraud can negatively impact future premium costs and drive up your ex-mod for three years. It also results in challenges for productivity and employee morale. ICW Group understands how destructive fraud is and works hard to protect your company.

By partnering with ICW Group’s Special Investigation Unit (SIU), you’ll get a team comprised of top industry professionals with decades of successful anti-fraud experience. Through sophisticated fraud detection software and analytics, EVERY claim is reviewed within 24 hours of notice. ICW Group’s SIU team helps cases end in criminal convictions to ensure your premiums aren’t affected by fraud.

Your anti-fraud partner

24 hours – EVERY claim processed is automatically reviewed for fraud within 24 hours.
Criminal investigations – If fraud appears likely, we don’t hesitate to refer for criminal investigation & prosecution.
Higher than industry – ICW Group assigns 6 times the number of claims for investigation vs. industry average.
All fraud investigated – We investigate all suspected fraud claims, regardless if they’re open, closed or settled.

Get fraud training for your employees

With ICW Group, you send a dynamic message to your workforce that workers’ compensation fraud will not be tolerated as well as help to deter future fraud from occurring.

Prevention through education is a great way to proactively combat a landscape of ever-evolving fraud schemes. To find out how ICW Group can partner with your business to educate your employees and management team regarding workers’ compensation fraud schemes, and their impact to your business, contact your Fraud-TrainingICW Group Fraud Training Team today.


Work comp fraud webinars – live and on-demand

ICW Group’s comprehensive fraud webinar series covers a wide range of informative topics. Each webinar provides you training information and valuable resources such as posters, handouts and fraud prevention tips.

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Fraud materials

R.E.P.O.R.T. Worksheet to Guide Your Investigation
Top Ten Indicators of Work Comp Fraud
Download PDF
False Claims Ticket - Use as a Paycheck Stuffer
PDF (English & Spanish)
Anti-Fraud Workplace Poster
PDF (English & Spanish)
True Stories of Work Comp Fraud Poster
Your Fraud Fighting Partner