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Beat the Heat & Keep Cool: Outdoors

Heat illness is deadly. In fact, each year thousands of workers succumb to heat exposure. Now that summer is just around the corner, and it’s beginning to heat up, safety is essential for your outdoor workers! The good news is heat illnesses, and related deaths are preventable.

  • How to increase employee awareness.
  • 10 steps to prevent heat illness.
  • Easy, actionable safety tips.
  • Regulations that impact your operations.

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Construction worker wiping sweat from his forehead

The Road Back to Work: Building a Successful Return to Work Program

Did you know one of the biggest, yet most controllable, costs associated with workplace injuries and illnesses is lost time from work due to disability?

  • Find out how Return to Work programs help your business.
  • Discover simple steps to assess your current program.
  • Learn valuable, easy tips to create a more robust program for your workplace.

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Illustration of road with stops along the way

Breathe Easier: Respiratory Protection

Respiratory protection is in the top “Most Frequently Cited OSHA Violations,” earning the #4 spot for the sixth straight year. Don’t let this extremely costly violation happen to you!

  • Protect employees from respiratory hazards.
  • Understand potential consequences from improper respirator use.
  • Avoid the top 5 respirator mistakes.
  • Implement easy, actionable safety tips for your workplace.

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Wood worker wearing respirator

Safely Home, Everyone, Everyday: Influencing Your Culture of Safety

Did you know over 3 million U.S. workers sustain disabling injuries every year? Check out this on-demand webinar video to learn how you can protect your employees and create a world-class safety culture at your company!

  • Assess your current workplace safety culture.
  • Understand how safety programs help your business.
  • Create a more robust safety culture with easy to follow tips and best practices.

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Construction workers wearing hard hats and goggles

The Ergo Zone: Get In It and Stay In It

Injuries caused by poor ergonomics are a major and expensive problem in the workplace. That’s why it’s critical to stay in the “Safety Zone!” Watch this webinar and gain the basics to mitigate industrial injuries related to bending, lifting and twisting.

  • How to stay in the “Safety Zone.”
  • 6 tips to identify the risks in your workplace.
  • Easy steps to implement practical solutions to reduce risk.

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Worker wincing in pain while carrying a box

Beat the Heat & Keep Cool: Indoors

When it comes to heat, indoor workers can face the same hazards as outdoor workers. Summer temperatures are exacerbated by inadequate ventilation and equipment generating heat. Customers in such industries as machine shops, foundries, packing houses, etc., who have workplaces reaching above 80° will find this webinar beneficial.

  • 10 easy steps to reduce heat illness risk.
  • Key training elements for supervisors and employees.
  • How to implement a heat illness prevention program in your workplace.

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Welder at work

Ladder Safety: Think Before You Climb

After researching our customers’ specific ladder injury challenges, we’ve developed a unique webinar geared to make the workplace safer. Designed primarily for our customers in specialty trades (construction, drywall, paint, electrical, etc.), who reach for a ladder to achieve elevation will find this webinar very beneficial.

  • Select a safe ladder.
  • Reduce the risk of injuries.
  • Take action at your company.

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Person walking up a ladder