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ICW Group Premier MPN

If you're in California, start saving money today!

You can lower claim costs and receive access to the best primary care doctors, specialists and clinics, with ICW Group Premier MPN.

With ICW Group Premier MPN and Harbor Health, Inc. solution, you receive the following great benefits:

  • Get specialized care for your employees - ICW Group Premier MPN is comprised of carefully selected providers. They have expertise in treating industrial types of injuries, and are familiar with treatment guidelines and reporting requirements.
  • Save money - You control costs while employees receive the quality medical treatment they need, allowing them to get back to work faster and to quickly close claims.
  • No enrollment needed - ICW Group Premier MPN is instantly available for you on your policy effective date. It's that easy!
  • Personalize it - Choose the doctors and amenities that suit you best from our comprehensive list of facilities. Ancillary service providers are also included.
  • Change as needed - You can change providers any time during your coverage period by contacting our MPN Coordinator.
  • Tailor to multiple locations - Your employees can choose facilities convenient to their workplace.

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