Fighting fraud

Combat fraud to keep claim costs down

Insurance fraud costs everyone money, including you. Fraud results in a direct impact on your experience modification factor (ex-mod), resulting in higher premiums. Not only that, fraud in the workplace lowers morale and overall productivity.

You can fight fraud

ICW Group understands how destructive fraud is and works hard to protect your company. When you partner with ICW Group's Special Investigations Unit (SIU), you get a team comprised of top industry professionals with decades of successful anti-fraud experience. They help cases end in criminal convictions and work hard to ensure your premiums are not affected by fraud.

By using sophisticated fraud detection software and analytics, EVERY claim is reviewed within 24 hours of notice. In fact, our investigators review 3-times as many reported claims than the industry average.

With ICW Group, you send a dynamic message to your workforce that fraud will not be tolerated while helping to deter further fraud from occurring within your organization.

Fraud prevention training

Education is a great way to combat fraud. Ask about ICW Group's Fraud Prevention Training and Webinars series, available for your management and employees.

You pay the price for fraud and theft through higher insurance premiums. Be part of a team that takes fighting fraud seriously and help ensure that the people who commit these crimes pay the price as well.


For more information or to request Fraud training for your company, contact ICW Group Fraud.