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Note: Payments may take a full business day to post to your account.

Helpful payment information

Send via regular mail

Make your check or money order payable to “Insurance Company of the West”

Overnight Delivery:
ICW Group
Attn: Premium Accounting
15025 Innovation Drive
San Diego, CA 92128-3455

Regular Delivery:
ICW Group
Attn: Premium Accounting
PO Box 509039
San Diego, CA 92150-9039

Send a check by Fax

  1. Premium Accounting Fax: 858.350.2802
  2. Write on the check or a cover memo (if using cover memo, identify check #):
    “This check authorizes ICW Group to debit our account”
  3. You’ll receive a faxed confirmation
  4. Keep your original check – do not void or mail