Agricultural workers are the backbone of California’s economy and are critical to the world’s food supply. Our dedicated regional teams work hard to support them, reside in the heart of California’s farmland and have deep roots in this diverse industry.

Designed for your “Ag” clients

Offer your ICW Group work comp clients our new Variable Dividend Program for select agricultural business in California. This plan is designed to help you grow your book of business while providing your clients rewards for controlling their losses.

Key program highlights

  • 5% to 12% dividend payouts.
  • Applies to new and renewal business.
  • Offered for 14 major Ag California class codes.
  • Payments made in renewal month or sooner.
  • Calculations begin 22 months after policy inception.
  • A minimum of 45% or better loss ratio is required to be eligible.
  • Pertains to Non-Instant Quote (IQ) business only.

Provide your clients specialized Ag expertise

Proactive Risk Management

ICW Group’s agricultural bilingual risk management team understands the unique safety characteristics of the CA agricultural industry. Your clients get solutions designed to minimize employee downtime, improve production and keep their business running smooth.

Focused Claim Services

Local to the California agricultural community, our claims examiners understand the complexities of ag-type work injuries, concerns of seasonal employment, benefit payments and specific case law relevant to the industry.

Trusted HR Advice

All ICW Group policyholders receive free 24/7 HR advice via our new HR OnDemand® service. They gain valuable solutions for issues relating to California labor law, overtime rules, harassment training and challenges pertaining to employees working in agriculture.

* Note: Use of HR OnDemand is subject to the acceptance of the Terms of Use. HR OnDemand® is used under license; ICW Group is not affiliated with HR On Demand, LLC.

Qualifying Class Codes

  • 0005
  • 0016
    Orchards – citrus & deciduous fruits
  • 0034
    Poultry raising, egg production & hatcheries
  • 0035
  • 0040
  • 0041
    Potato crops
  • 0044
    Cotton farms
  • 0045
    Orchards – nut crops
  • 0050
    Farm machinery operations by contractors – including yard employees
  • 0079-1
    Strawberry crops
  • 0079-2
    Bushberry crops
  • 0096
    Nut hulling, shelling or processing
  • 0171
    Field crops
  • 0172
    Truck farms