Why wait for a paper check and spend precious time going to the bank? Direct Deposit is the worry-free way to have commission payments deposited automatically into your account.

How does Direct Deposit work?

Your commission payments are deposited to your account electronically, so you never have to worry about losing a check or going to the bank. Additionally, it’s much faster than paper, providing you access to your money on the day of the deposit.

Top 8 Reasons to sign up today!

  1. GET YOUR MONEY SOONER – No more waiting an average of 12 days (or longer) to receive checks via snail-mail.
  2. DIRECT DEPOSIT IS SECURE – We partner with Bank of America to keep all of your transactions safe and out of the wrong hands.
  3. IT’S ABSOLUTELY FREE – We never impose a charge or fee for this valuable service.
  4. AUTOMATIC NOTIFICATION – Get an electronic copy of your commission statement emailed directly to your inbox!
  5. REDUCE PAPER AND INK USE – Help clean up the environment and your desk in one simple step.
  6. SAVES YOU TIME – You can relax; there’s one less check to open, process, endorse and deposit.
  7. NO MORE “LOST IN THE MAIL” – There’s no worry that your check is lost or delayed in transit.
  8. IT’S EASY! – Setting up your Direct Deposit is easy. Go online or simply call us –we’ll walk you through the steps.

Why our agents use Direct Deposit

than other methods

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Never a cost
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Top questions agents ask

Do I need to bank online to use Direct Deposit?
No! Simply enroll and continue to bank as usual. We’ll do the rest!

Do I know I’m paid if I don’t get a check?
Yes! Your statement is emailed to you the same day it’s posted. It’s that easy!