Snap is now more intuitive and customizable than ever:

  • Navigate an easier to use, intuitive design
  • Easily drag and drop attachments
  • Customize the homepage to fit the way you work
  • Search across emails, tasks, notes and attachments
  • Save and reuse views with upgraded filters

Download 10 Cool Snap Features to learn more!

Need fast help with passwords or filters? Check out these Snap Quick Tips

Log Into Agent Portal

If your agency does not have access to Agent Portal, please contact your Business Development Underwriter for more information.

Agent Portal users will only be able to access Snap through Agent Portal’s single sign-on.


To learn more about the new Snap features, view this previously recorded webinar at your own convenience.

ICW Group - Get the Most Out of Snap Webinar


Follow along with these step-by-step videos, each covering key topics of Snap.


Our PDF guides are designed to help you use the different features found in Snap. Each contains step-by-step, easy to follow instructions.

Snap Producer Guide

This reference guides you through the use of the Snap system with explanations and step-by-step instructions.

Snap Upload Guide

Snap Upload is the key to productivity using Snap. Learn how to pull in data from your own agency management system.

Snap Admin Guide

Designed for the agency administrator, this guide walks you through the steps to set up user accounts at your office.

Navigation Overview

Manage your accounts, and customize viewing and search tools to fit your workflow.

(12 mins.)

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Searching & Filtering

Search and filter your data to find what you’re looking for.

(9 mins.)

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Collaboration Tools

Increase communications and productivity with your Underwriting Team.

(9 mins.)

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Pre-qualify & Check Clearance

Prequalify ICW Group’s risk appetite and check clearance for a prior submission.

(9 mins.)

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Instant Quoting

Speed up the automated submission process using Snap IQ for Small Business! From initial quote to final bind.

(14 mins.)

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Uploading Submissions

Save time! Upload and complete submissions from your agency management system.

(8 mins.)

Updating Renewals

Locate your automatically created renewal submissions and update the information for the next policy year.

(8 mins.)

Retrieving Documents Guide

A guide on how to find policy and submission documents, such as loss runs, claims reports, billing information, and more in Snap.


For more information on Snap and our workers' compensation programs and services, Contact Us.