Our Culture

At ICW Group – we offer a work environment that encourages entrepreneurialism and celebrates success. Our team members are hands-on contributors who are given the opportunity to make an impact. It’s our people who make us an employer of choice and the vibrant company we are today.

The Power of OnePower of One logo

The strongest ideal held by our Company is the “Power of One.” We believe that every individual team member has the power to impact the success of our entire organization.

From providing industry leading products and services, to delivering exceptional customer experiences, each ICW Group team member contributes through their individual efforts, ideas and innovation!

Making a difference

ICW Group employees make a difference through Promises2KidsWe believe in helping create a brighter future for our children. That’s why the employees of ICW Group proudly sponsor Promises2Kids, a leading nonprofit organization that provides help to foster children in San Diego County.

Promises2Kids annually provides over 5,000 foster youth the tools, opportunities, and guidance they need to address the circumstances that brought them into foster care, overcome the difficulties of their past, and grow into healthy, happy and successful adults.

We support these efforts and provide numerous ways for our team members to support this cause, through volunteer opportunities and programs.

Award winning wellness program

ICW Group named in San Diego's healthiest companies 2013 by San Diego Business JournalOur team members’ health and well-being are foundational to ICW Group’s unique culture. We believe that healthy behaviors lead to happier, more productive people, both at home and at work.

Our Wellness program is designed to continually improve your health. What differentiates us from other companies is our multi-dimensional approach to wellness, built on 7 pillars:

  1. Physical
  2. Emotional
  3. Financial
  4. Social
  5. Career
  6. Safety
  7. Security

We support these pillars with educational opportunities, activities such as fun walks and runs, healthy cooking classes, team challenges, and other engaging programs.

ICW Group takes great pride in being a health conscious organization, and we’re especially proud of being recognized as one of “San Diego’s Healthiest Companies!”

Recognition & reward

While many companies may talk about their talent – we celebrate it with formal recognition and reward programs. Along with numerous celebration activities, ICW Group provides 3 specific achievement awards.

  1. “Power of One” spot bonus program – Your individual efforts can be recognized immediately with this “on-the-spot” monetary award program.
  2. Elevate Awards – We distinguish those that go above and beyond for their customers through this semi-annual award and bonus program.
  3. CEO Awards – This top honor rewards those who have performed exceptionally throughout the entire year.