Post Catastrophe

Helpful tips to get you through a catastrophe.

You can easily feel stressed when you experience property damage due to a catastrophic event. Even rebuilding can seem unmanageable. To help you through the repairing and rebuilding process, download our Post Catastrophe Property Repair guides:

Hiring a Qualified Contractor

  • After a catastrophe, salespeople go from door to door offering clean-up and repair services
  • While many of these people are honest and reputable, some may have other motives
  • Use these government recommended tips to help keep your feet on the ground while protecting yourself from unscrupulous operators

Obtaining a Good Property Building Contract

  • It’s important that you have a well-written contract that has been studied by a lawyer and is fully understood by all parties involved
  • See this checklist for a suggestions on payment schedules, reports, and inspections
  • Use the specifications included to formulate a good, solid contract

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