ICW Group Introduces the Nurse Triage Hotline to its Workers’ Compensation Policyholders

Immediate Assessment of Workplace Injuries Expected to Save Policyholders Money and Reduce Lost Work Time

SAN DIEGO (June 30, 2021) — To help provide the best medical care for injured workers as quickly as possible, ICW Group Insurance Companies, a leading group of property and casualty carriers, announces the Nurse Triage Hotline for its workers’ compensation policyholders.

Injured workers can use the Nurse Triage Hotline to ensure they receive the most appropriate initial medical care for their workplace injuries. In some cases, this means eliminating unnecessary and costly overtreatment, which provides cost savings to businesses and reduces lost work time due to a workplace injury.

The Nurse Triage Hotline, provides immediate, 24/7 access to English and Spanish-speaking nurses specializing in treating non-emergency workplace injuries. Nurses will use clinical guidelines to assess injuries and provide recommendations on the type of medical care the employee needs.

“When a workplace injury occurs, the initial response is critical to make sure an employee’s injury is properly addressed,” said Amanda Granger, senior vice president, work comp claims. “This initial assessment not only provides immediate care and treatment guidance for employees, but it also provides cost savings to the employer by mitigating unnecessary emergency room expenses and preventing minor injuries from turning into major claims.”

In addition to taking care of the injured worker, the initial claims process is streamlined – saving an employer time. Within 15 minutes after an injured worker calls the Nurse Triage Hotline, policyholders receive a detailed summary of the injured worker’s visit, and a claim is opened via ICW Group’s First Notice of Loss team.

“Our policyholders will have an immediate assessment of a workplace injury and the information they need to feel confident their employee is getting the best care,” said Granger. “The injured worker also has access to a trained nurse who can make quick care decisions to begin their recovery immediately.”

The Nurse Triage Hotline will provide peace of mind to employees who may feel anxious or uncertain after an injury. It also takes the burden off the supervisor to have to make potentially life-altering medical decisions.

The Nurse Triage Hotline will also help minimize lost work time since an injured worker receives clear direction on the best course of action, helping to prevent further injury and complications.

“At a time when businesses are struggling to fill open positions, even one employee out of work due to injury can put a tremendous strain on a business,” Granger said.

Additionally, the Nurse Triage Hotline includes the ability to easily share pictures of cuts and burns to allow a nurse to determine if a visit to the doctor is needed or if the injury can be self-treated. This service is helpful particularly to restaurant policyholders where these types of injuries are common. Workers who are recommended self-care will receive a follow-up call from a hotline nurse.

Policyholders who want to learn more about the Nurse Triage Hotline can visit ICW Group’s Policyholder Center. A special website has also been set up exclusively for the carrier’s work comp policyholders to order free flyers, stickers, wallet cards and posters to display and inform their employees about the service.

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