California Medical Provider Network (MPN)

Your California business can lower claim costs and receive access to the best primary care doctors, specialists and clinics with the ICW Group Premier MPN.
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With the ICW Group Premier MPN solution, you receive the following great benefits:

  • Specialized care for your employees – ICW Group’s Premier MPN is comprised of carefully selected providers. They have expertise in treating industrial types of injuries and are familiar with treatment guidelines and reporting requirements.
  • Lower medical costs – Save money while employees receive the quality medical treatment they need, allowing them to get back to work faster and to quickly close claims.
  • Instantly available – No enrollment needed, begin using immediately on your policy effective date.
  • Choice of doctors and facilities best suited for you – Your employees can select facilities convenient to their workplace and can change to another in-network provider by contacting our MPN Coordinator.

Please note that if your employee has pre-designated a personal physician to treat on-the-job injury or illness, and it is not an emergency, the employee should go to this physician.


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Helpful MPN references

Complete Written Employee Notification
PDF (English & Spanish)
California Claims & MPN Contacts
ICW Group's Claims and MPN Contacts for California.
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DWC7 Posting Notice
PDF (English & Spanish)
Predesignation of Personal Physician Form
First Visit Medical Authorization Form
ICW Group's Authorization Form Medical Treatment Form.
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ICW Group Premier MPN Services
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