Nurse Triage Hotline

Peace of mind for you and your employees when an injury happens

Even with rigorous safety procedures in place, occupational injuries can still happen. Having accurate care intervention right after a workplace accident helps prevent minor injuries from getting worse or turning into a major claim and lost work time. That’s how ICW Group’s Nurse Triage Hotline can help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Within one minute of their call, employees speak directly to a nurse who specializes in treating workplace injuries and will recommend the type of care needed. Fifteen minutes after the call, you’ll receive a summary of the visit with the nurse and a claim will be opened.

The immediate attention injured employees receive from the Nurse Triage Hotline can help reduce their stress associated with getting injured on the job.

  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Next-day follow-up call when self-care is recommended
  • 24/7 Access to nurses specializing in workplace injuries
  • Easily share pictures of cuts and burns for improved results

Download this overview flyer to inform your supervisors, team, co-workers, and other departments about the financial, time-saving, and safety benefits the Nurse Triage Hotline provides to your company.

What does the nurse triage hotline mean for you and your employees?

Advantage to you

  • Helps eliminate unnecessary medical treatment
  • Reduces lost work time and your exposure to costly litigation
  • Starts the claims process and emails a post-visit report within 15 minutes

How it helps employees

  • 24/7 access to multi-lingual experienced nurses
  • Peace of mind with immediate medical evaluation of their injury

ICW Group Nurse Triage Hotline promotional materials.

Tell your employees about the hotline

The more employees who know about Nurse Triage Hotline, the more likely they are to remember to use it when an injury occurs. We’ve got you covered. Check out these free materials, like flyers, stickers and wallet cards.

1. Order free flyers, stickers, wallet cards and posters to display at your work- place and distribute to your employees.

Get Nurse Triage Materials

2. Send this pre-written email to your employees about the Nurse Triage Hotline.

Here’s just a few benefits Nurse Triage Hotline delivers:

Improves financial performance by mitigating unnecessary emergency room expenses or medical treatment and by minimizing lost work time.

Gives immediate access to nurses who specialize in treating workplace injuries to help prevent further injury and complications.

Saves you time – files the first notice of loss and within 15 minutes sends you a confirmation email.

Provides peace-of-mind to employees who may feel anxious or uncertain after a non-emergency workplace injury.

Nurse Triage Hotline FAQs

Don’t see an FAQ here that answers your question? Contact us at 844.4.ICW.CLAIMS (844.442.9252).

Does using Nurse Triage Hotline change the way I submit a claim?
For employees who do not use Nurse Triage Hotline, you’ll continue to report and submit your claim as usual. See Report and Manage Claims

For employees who use the Nurse Triage Hotline, you do not need to report the claim to us. If you have not reported the claim to us yet, then the employee’s call to the Nurse Triage Hotline serves to initiate the report. A member of our claims team will follow up with you to complete the reporting process. If you have any questions, please call our claims team at 844.442.9252 (844.4.ICW.CLAIMS) or email us at

Will I be notified when an employee calls the Nurse Triage Hotline?
You will receive an email within 15 minutes of the call being completed, which will include a summary of the nurse’s visit.

What are the qualifications of the nurses that my employees will be calling?
The Nurse Triage Hotline is staffed by registered nurses who have physician oversight. They specialize in treating workplace injuries and use standardized protocols to assess the injury, determine the urgency, and recommend the proper level of care. They provide self-care instructions when appropriate and direct workers to medical providers including telemedicine, nearby clinics, and urgent care facilities.

How quickly will a nurse answer the hotline call?
The average answer time following a short greeting is less than 25 seconds.

What if my employee’s primary language is not English or Spanish?
We support over 200 additional languages by adding an interpreter to the call.

What happens if one of my worker’s calls the Nurse Triage Hotline but should be calling 911?
Our nurse will immediately direct your employee to contact 911 in the event of an emergency. If your employee is unable to make the call, the nurse will call 911.

If my employee has already seen a doctor, can they call the Nurse Triage Hotline with questions?
No, the Nurse Triage Hotline is for the first call after the injury occurs. Once a doctor has been seen, the injury “triage” has already occurred, and the employee is to follow the instructions of the doctor.

What should my employee expect when they call the Nurse Triage Hotline?
Your employee will speak to a nurse who specializes in treating workplace injuries with timely, compassionate care. The nurse will assess the injury by listening to the employee’s responses to questions about their injury. If self-care is recommended, the nurse will provide instructions over the phone and make a follow up call to the employee the next day. If a visit to a medical provider is recommended, the employee will be referred to a nearby provider and an email will be sent with the provider’s information.

Is Nurse Triage Hotline HIPAA compliant?