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Work Comp Fraud: Your Top 10 Questions Answered

Thursday, November 21

Don’t let workers’ compensation fraud impact your business. Work comp fraud is a serious crime that costs businesses billions annually. Know what you can do to fight against fraud. Learn how to prevent it, spot it and stop it.

In this webinar ICW Group’s fraud experts from its Special Investigations Unit will answer the top 10 questions asked about fraud. Topics include:

  • Warning signs of fraud
  • Steps you can take before you hire to prevent fraud
  • What to do about post termination claims

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Webinar: Work Comp Fraud: Your Top 10 Questions Answered.

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Work Comp Fraud: 10 Steps to Prevent Fraudulent Claims

You may not realize that billions of dollars are stolen every year in the U.S. due to fraudulent claims and misreported business information. This leads to higher premiums for all employers! Watch our complimentary webinar to learn the tools and resources you need to prevent fraudulent claims and fight back against insurance criminals.

  • Why fraud is big business.
  • Top 10 ways you can prevent fraudulent claims.
  • How ICW Group’s Special Investigation Unit supports for you.

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A person in business attire with hands bound in handcuffs

Work Comp Fraud: Spot It & Stop It

Work comp fraud costs businesses billions of dollars every year in lost time, work morale, productivity, staffing and overall business growth. Protect your company from unnecessary costs! This complimentary webinar arms you with the tools you need to identify the red flags of workers’ compensation fraud and learn steps you can take to fight back.

  • What constitutes work comp fraud.
  • Why fraud is big business.
  • Valuable tips for spotting and stopping fraud.
  • What to do when fraud is suspected.

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Work Comp Fraud: Initial Employer Investigations

Did you know that as many as 20% of insurance claims contain some element of fraud or misrepresentation? Fraud is no laughing matter, and it impacts us all. Learn what fraud experts look for when they investigate potential fraud, and find out how to protect your company by investigating and documenting.

  • Documenting your investigation using the ICW Group R.E.P.O.R.T. form.
  • Spotting fraud.
  • Leveraging social media, employee talk and security cameras.
  • What to do once fraud is suspected.

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