PayPro is ICW Group’s online “pay-as-you-go” payroll reporting system. It allows our policyholders to report payroll online and receive immediate premium calculations.
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PayPro video tutorials

Watch these easy step-by-step videos to learn how to enroll and register your PayPro account, select your payment method, setup your payroll provider, report your payroll and complete your payments online. Simply click on thumbnails to view.

Helping you complete registration

Helping you complete registration 6:00
Making a payment 2:30
Report payroll and make payments 10:00

PayPro references

PayPro User’s Guide
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PayPro Schedule At-A-Glance
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Creating Your Account (Enrolling)
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Reporting Your Payroll At-A-Glance
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PayPro FAQs

About PayPro services

What is PayPro?
PayPro is ICW Group’s online payroll reporting system. It allows our policyholders to report payroll online and receive immediate premium calculations. It’s a free service to qualified policyholders.
How do I sign up for PayPro?
Please contact your agent to see if your policy qualifies for this program.
Can I get “autopay” with PayPro?
Yes! You can choose the “ACH” option during your policy enrollment. This will automate the draw from your bank account once you provide the information. If you have already registered and wish to sign up for autopay, please contact Payroll-ReportingPayroll Reporting.
How secure is it?
At ICW Group, we take security seriously. PayPro and InsurePay are committed to protecting your personal information. All data is transferred via a secure transmission with industry-standard SSL encryption to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your information.

Enrollment questions

I’m receiving enrollment emails daily. How can I stop this?
Once you have set up your account, the daily enrollment email will stop. Simply click on the link in the email and set up your account.
I have a payroll provider. Do I still need to enroll?
Yes, you’ll set up your account and identify your payroll provider. After this is completed, your qualified payroll provider can report on your behalf.

Account questions

What do I do if I forgot my username or password?
Simply open the login screen and click on “Forgot Username?” or “Forgot Password?” Your username or temporary password will be sent to the email address registered for your account. If the email address is wrong, or you still have a problem logging in, please contact Payroll-ReportingPayroll Reporting. We’ll be happy to assist.
How do I change the contact email address so that reminders get to the right person?
You can change the payroll contact or accounting email addresses during registration using the Policy Contacts tab, or after registration using the at any time using the Admin link. If you feel you’re receiving PayPro emails in error, let us know. We can assist in making sure the emails are delivered to the correct parties. Please contact us at Payroll-ReportingPayroll Reporting.
I have recently changed my bank and/or bank account number since I registered with PayPro, how can I change this?

If you’ve recently signed up for ACH/EFT (direct pull from your bank account), please contact us for assistance – we’ll help you complete the online Electronic Funds Transfer form and set up the change in PayPro.Email us at Payroll-ReportingPayroll Reporting.

Correcting errors

I entered my payroll, but now realize I made a mistake when I saw the premium calculation. What do I do now?

Please call us immediately at 858.350.7399.

  • If you have electronic fund transfer or paid online with a credit card, contact us immediately. By contacting us same day you entered your payroll, we should be able to cancel your payment. You can then revise your payroll.
  • If you pay by check, and you haven’t mailed your check yet, we can correct the premium. Then, you can send in your payment for the correct amount.
Help! My policy has been canceled, but I think it’s an error. What can I do?
Please call us immediately at 858.350.7399. If you prefer to email, contact Payroll-ReportingPayroll Reporting and be sure to start your message with “High Importance.” It’s imperative that we look into this right away to ensure that your coverage is not affected.


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