Safety OnDemand ® – Your Source for Workplace Safety

Safety OnDemand offers you a better, faster, more robust online safety and learning management system. If you already have a myResource login, Safety OnDemand‘s 3,000+ materials will be available to you automatically.

This highly engaging platform delivers preventative safety information that’s easy to find, easy to learn, and easy to make a seamless part of your business!

What can Safety OnDemand do for your business?

Check out this fun video introduction to Safety OnDemand and see how it eases your workload, sharpens your workplace safety training and helps you stop injuries before they happen!

Keep your workforce safe and up-to-date – here’s a sneak peek!

Try this Safety OnDemand preview ‘search’ for Heat Stress material. View one of the titles before having to log into myResource. Find Safety Talks, articles, webinars, program wizards and more!

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Workplace safety courses to help keep your employees informed

Safety OnDemand features a full-featured learning management system with hundreds of safety courses and assignable videos. Check out the course catalogue!

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View the top courses our insureds use in Safety OnDemand

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Attend the Next “Welcome to Safety OnDemand” Webinar

Join one of our live webinars to learn how Safety OnDemand can help you engage your employees in safe practices and keep them up to date with safety skills.

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Watch the Webinar: Welcome to Safety OnDemand

Here’s just a few benefits you’ll discover

learning management
system with 500+
courses and videos,
plus progress tracking
and completion reports.

24/7 access to more
than 3,000 safety
topics to assign for
one-on-one training
from anywhere, anytime,
and on any device.

500+ full-featured safety
talks, with presentations,
topic-driven handouts
& quizzes – packaged
and ready to deliver
to your team.

Easy to customize
safety programs
with wizard-driven
templates, to help you
ensure your workplace
is OSHA compliant.

Share Safety OnDemand information with your safety supervisors

The more your safety management teams know about how helpful and robust Safety OnDemand is, the further you are in building a true culture of safety at your company!

Send your safety team a link to this webpage so they can learn more. In addition, here’s an easy to read, handy one-page flyer containing top-level information about this new online safety resource and learning management system. Simply download and send to your fellow safety team members!

Send an email about Safety OnDemand today!

Safety OnDemand Flyer
Safety OnDemand - Your Source for Workplace Safety

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Safety OnDemand is like having a whole team of safety experts on your side

If you hired enough people to match the output of Safety OnDemand, you’d quickly run out of office space and budget. With Safety OnDemand, you immediately put the expertise of these professionals to work for you – absolutely free.
  • Safety Librarians – gain immediate 24/7 access to more than 4,000 safety topics.
  • Learning Designers – 800+ prepackaged safety talks with presentations, handouts and quizzes – ready to go.
  • Safety Trainers – offering just-in-time personal 1-1 training, from anywhere, anytime, on any device. Includes almost 200 short-format courses and videos of 10 minutes or less.
  • Human Resource Training Administrators – online training invitations, reminders, progress tracking, and real-time reporting.
  • OSHA Compliance Experts – step by step guidance for creating compliant safety plans.
  • Executive Liaisons – tools and presentations that open the door to conversations about the ROI of safety programs.
  • Crisis Managers – practical blueprints that include workplace violence, first aid and emergency response.
  • Safety Resource Manager – best-practices gathered from experts and tools to reinforce lessons learned.

Frequently asked questions about Safety OnDemand

We hope you find these FAQs helpful. If you can’t find the FAQ you need and still have questions, please Safety-and-Risk-Managementcontact our Safety and Risk Management Team.
Where do I find Safety OnDemand?
Safety OnDemand is available in myResource. Simply log into myResource – you’ll see the link for it in the left hand menu.
How do I get a Safety OnDemand login?
Safety OnDemand is a part of the myResource policyholder portal. Personal accounts are authorized by principals / officers in your company and can be requested using the Request myResource Account form.
How much does Safety OnDemand cost?
It’s free for our policyholders! Safety OnDemand provides cutting-edge safety training and a comprehensive learning management system for you to use, all at no cost.
We’re a small business. Do we still get Safety OnDemand included in our policy?
Yes! All policyholders, no matter what size their business or premium is, get Safety OnDemand at no cost.
Can anyone in my company use Safety OnDemand?
Yes! Safety OnDemand has resources and materials for those responsible for training, including safety managers, supervisors, and HR professionals, and for those taking the training. There’s no extra cost to you – all employees benefit!
Does everyone getting training need a myResource account?
No – only those who need to set up courses and control training materials need an account. Employees scheduled into and taking the training will get “learner accounts” automatically as well as email reminders!
How do I assign learners to courses?
View this informative video about assigning learners to courses and find out how to get attendees ready to learn.
How do I track learners’ progress?
View this informative video about tracking your learners’ progress and find out how to gain insights and reports on the attendance and completion of online courses.
Is RMRx Safety Advisor still available?
No. Safety OnDemand has replaced RMRx Safety Advisor. You’ll experience a better, faster, easier online safety and learning management system. Try it out today by logging into myResource and clicking the Safety OnDemand link!
Can I get Safety OnDemand if I’m no longer an ICW Group policyholder?
No. Safety OnDemand is only available to ICW Group policyholders during the term of their workers’ compensation policy. We look forward to welcoming you back in the future so you can use this value-added platform.