Online Safety Training Videos

View our “Safety in Action” workplace safety videos and make sure your employees are trained to handle the risks of their role. Each video is short – just three minutes – and offers easy tips to help you reduce claims.

How to Choose Entrance Matting

Choose the right entrance matting to help prevent slips, trips and falls in your workplace. Find out what you need to know.

Kitchen Floor Matting

Keep people on their feet in your commercial kitchen with the right matting. Material, size, location and color are all things to consider when selecting a mat.

Slip-Resistant Shoes

Watch this instructional safety video for tips on how to encourage your employees to use slip-resistant footwear to prevent slips and falls in your workplace.

Commercial Floor Cleaning

A proper floor cleaning plan can prevent slips and falls in your workplace. Make sure your cleaning crew follows these tips to help prevent an accident.