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Machine Guarding: 7 Questions Everyone Should Ask

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Crushed hands and arms, severed fingers and limbs, lacerations and abrasions – you’d be surprised at how dangerous your workplace truly is. OSHA statistics show machine operators suffer approximately 18,000 injuries and 800 deaths per year! Any moving machine part can be the source of a catastrophic injury. Safeguarding machines is a vital strategy to help keep everyone safe.

Designed for all – including those without safety and technical backgrounds.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why machine guards are vital to worker’s safety
  • Main OSHA compliancy factors
  • 7 questions you should ask about machine guarding
  • Concepts from daily operations, maintenance and repair, to emergency response.

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Webinar: Machine Guarding: 7 Questions Everyone Should Ask

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Breathe Easier With These Respiratory Protection Must Haves

Respiratory protection is in the top “Most Frequently Cited OSHA Violations,” earning the #4 spot for the sixth straight year. Don’t let this extremely costly violation happen to you!

Learn best practices to help keep your employees safe and to achieve compliance with OSHA regulations. Whether you’re a small employer or a large company, you’ll walk away with practical tips on achieving an effective safety program.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Protect employees from respiratory hazards.
  • Understand potential consequences from improper respirator use.
  • Avoid the top 5 respiratory protection mistakes.
  • Implement easy, actionable safety tips for your workplace.

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Webinar: Breathe Easier With These Respiratory Protection Must Haves

Job Hazard Analysis

Conducting a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) can help prevent work-related injuries, illnesses and deaths. Dive into JHA best practices that’ll equip you with the tools you need for a safer workplace.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The 7 step critical JHA process
  • Identifying jobs for analysis
  • Observing and involving employees
  • Ranking hazardous tasks

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A worker in a hard hat consulting a checklist

Manual Material Handling: Separating the Myths from Facts

In this webinar, the ICW Group Risk Management team dives into the realities that help you improve your workplace processes and avoid potential claims.

Topics will include:

  • Debunking myths vs. facts
  • Lifting and the spine
  • Traditional and risk-based approaches
  • 5 tips to safe material handling
  • Using MMH risk reduction tool

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A worker lifting a box

5 Tips for Impactful Safety Observations

The top goal in safety training programs is to eliminate incidents and injuries. But, no amount of safety equipment and measures will make a positive impact if your employees practice risky behaviors. How do you turn unsafe habits into dependable routines?

In this insightful webinar, learn how to make your safety observations more powerful:

  • Planning and training for great observations
  • Critical safety observations tips
  • Best practices for effective feedback

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Two construction workers reviewing a document

Beat the Heat & Keep Your Cool: Outdoors

Heat illness is deadly. In fact, each year thousands of workers succumb to heat exposure. Now that summer is just around the corner and it’s beginning to heat up, safety is essential for your outdoor workers! The good news is heat illnesses and related deaths are preventable.

  • How to increase employee awareness.
  • 10 steps to prevent heat illness.
  • Easy, actionable safety tips.
  • Regulations that impact your operations.

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A worker wiping sweat from his forehead

S.T.E.P. UP to Safety Certificate Series: 5. “PLAN” to STEP UP Your Safety Programs

Gain valuable tips on how you can “PLAN” to Prepare, Learn, Act and Note to improve your safety efforts, while learning how to formulate your own Ladder Safety plan.

  • 4 simple steps to improve your safety programs.
  • Tips to enacting preventive and protective measures in your workplace.
  • Best practices for reviewing and measuring performance.

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Workers on a construction site

Beat the Heat & Keep Your Cool: Indoors

When it comes to heat, indoor workers can face the same hazards as outdoor workers. Summer temperatures are exacerbated by inadequate ventilation and equipment generating heat. Customers in such industries as machine shops, foundries, packing houses, etc., who have workplaces reaching above 80° will find this webinar beneficial.

  • 10 easy steps to reduce heat illness risk.
  • Key training elements for supervisors and employees.
  • How to implement a heat illness prevention program in your workplace.

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A worker welding

S.T.E.P. UP to Safety Certificate Series: 4. STEP UP to a Better Safety Culture

U.S. workers continue to face an unacceptable number of work-related deaths, injuries and illnesses – more than 3 million a year! The good news is most of these are preventable. An enhanced focus on building a deeply ingrained safety culture is needed to bring these numbers down. But where do you start?

  • Assess your current workplace safety cultures.
  • 5 steps to influence your safety culture.
  • Tips to effectively measure your success.

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Construction workers giving two thumbs up

S.T.E.P. UP to Safety Certificate Series: 3. STEP UP Your Accident Investigations

Did you know there were nearly 2.9 million nonfatal workplace injuries in 2016? When you consider the statistics – thousands of “near-misses” for every one “accident” – the enormous value gained by properly investigating worksite incidents and accidents becomes clear. Moreover, getting to the root cause is critical for the safety of your employees.

  • 5 steps to accident investigation success.
  • How to get to the root cause of every incident.
  • Best practices to implement corrective actions.

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A woman in a hard hat helping a co-worker who has been injured

Think Before You Climb: Helping Employees Use Ladders Safely

Did you know that there are more than 164,000 emergency room visits related to ladders each year? Improper ladder use has serious implications. Make ladder safety a priority by watching our on-demand webinar!

  • 10 critical steps to improve ladder safety.
  • How to select a safe ladder.
  • Actionable tips to reduce the risk of injuries.

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A worker climbing a ladder

S.T.E.P. UP to Safety Certificate Series: 2. Do “MORE” to STEP UP Your Safety Program

Did you know disengaged workers have 49% more accidents? Get tips on how you can do “MORE” to Motivate, Observe, Reinforce and Engage employees in your safety efforts in STEP 2 of our 5-part Safety Certificate Series.

  • 8 ways to motivate your employees around safety.
  • Tips to make your safety observations more powerful.
  • Best practices for implementing employee engagement programs.

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A handshake featuring two gloved hands

The Road Back to Work: Building a Successful Return to Work Program

Did you know one of the biggest, yet most controllable, costs associated with workplace injuries and illnesses is lost time from work due to disability? Learn how you can create a favorable impact by building a successful Return to Work program.

  • How Return to Work programs help your business.
  • Simple steps to assess your current program.
  • Valuable, easy tips to create a more robust program for your workplace.

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An illustration of a road with points along the way

S.T.E.P. UP to Safety Certificate Series: 1. STEP UP to Safety Management

Join us for the first presentation of our special 5-part monthly program: S.T.E.P. UP to Safety Certificate Series. Every 7 seconds, a U.S. worker is injured on the job. These numbers are staggering, and the worst part is that each one is preventable. Learn how you can create a safer workplace by joining our Safety Certificate Program. This special 5-STEP webinar series covers a wide range of topics — from developing your safety vision to managing hazard assessments and implementing specific safety programs.

  • The importance of a safety vision.
  • Manager’s roadmap to success.
  • The 3 R’s managers need to know.

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A person in business attire holding a hard hat

Safely Home, Everyone, Everyday: Influencing Your Culture of Safety

Did you know over 3 million U.S. workers sustain disabling injuries every year? Check out this on-demand webinar video to learn how you can protect your employees and create a world-class safety culture at your company!

  • Assess your current workplace safety culture.
  • Understand how safety programs help your business.
  • Create a more robust safety culture with easy to follow tips and best practices.

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Construction workers wearing hard hats and goggles

The Ergo Zone: Get In It and Stay In It

Injuries caused by poor ergonomics are a major and expensive problem in the workplace. That’s why it’s critical to stay in the “Safety Zone!” Watch this webinar and gain the basics to mitigate industrial injuries related to bending, lifting and twisting.

  • How to stay in the “Safety Zone.”
  • 6 tips to identify the risks in your workplace.
  • Easy steps to implement practical solutions to reduce risk.

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Worker wincing in pain while carrying a box