Texas Healthcare Network (HCN)

Lower your business’ claim costs and help your injured workers access the best primary care doctors, specialists and clinics through the Texas Healthcare Network.
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With the ICW Group Texas HCN solution, those who enroll receive the following great benefits:

  • Specialized care for your employees – ICW Group’s Texas HCN is comprised of carefully selected providers. They have expertise in treating industrial types of injuries and are familiar with treatment guidelines and reporting requirements.
  • Lower medical costs – Save money while employees receive the quality medical treatment they need, allowing them to get back to work faster and to quickly close claims.
  • Choice of doctors and facilities best suited for you – Your employees can select facilities convenient to their workplace and can change to another in-network provider by contacting our ICW Network Coordinator.

Please note that if your employee has pre-designated a personal physician to treat on-the-job injury or illness, and it is not an emergency, the employee should go to this physician for the initial evaluation.


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Texas Healthcare Network FAQ’s

Are we required to join the Texas HCN?
No, policyholders are not required to opt-in to the Texas Healthcare Network (HCN), however, not joining the Texas HCN will eliminate the ability to direct injured workers’ medical care, as well as the 5% HCN credit that is normally available at policy inception.

What are the benefits of the Texas HCN?

By opting-in, your employees will benefit from:

  • Having a dedicated nurse assigned to your employee’s Workers Compensation claim who specializes in Texas HCN regulations.
  • The ability to direct medical care to medical providers who are familiar with handling work related injuries

ICW Group policyholders who opt-in to use the Texas HCN also receive a 5% policy credit at policy inception.

What do I need to do to activate ICW Group’s Texas HCN for my policy?

As an ICW Group policyholder, you will receive a notice of the Texas HCN by way of a Texas HCN Activation email to the designated Claims contact on the policy (unless the policyholder has already elected to opt-out prior to policy inception) from ICW Group. All policyholders are automatically opted-in to ICW Group’s Texas HCN. In order to be compliant, you must complete the activation process.

To complete the activation process, you must:

  • Provide a copy of the HCN Initial Employee Notification Materials to any and all Texas employees, and, once that is completed,
  • You must complete and return the HCN Notice of Distribution Affidavit to the ICW Network Coordinator.

The HCN Initial Employee Notification Materials include an Employee Acknowledgement Form that should be retained by the employer within the employee file as a record that the employee received notice. The notice should be provided to all new employees as part of their new hire onboarding. You must give employees the notice again when they report a work injury or illness by providing the injured employee the HCN Time of Injury Employee Notification Materials.

The activation process is completed by complying with the Texas HCN Activation notice provided by the ICW Network Coordinator via email. Policyholders have up to 45 days from policy inception to comply with the activation notice.

Is the Texas HCN only for Texas employees who work in the state of Texas?

Yes, if you have opted-in to use the Texas HCN, the Texas HCN is to be used by any and all employees who work and/or are working in the state of Texas. The Texas HCN cannot be used for employees working outside of Texas.

Our place of business is located outside of Texas, but we are sending employees to a work site in Texas. Do I need to provide them with the Employee Notification Materials?

Yes, the employee must be given a copy of the Employee Notification Materials and the employee must sign and return the Employee Acknowledgement form to you. You will then need to submit a copy of the HCN Notice of Distribution Affidavit. (Please see “How do I opt-in to the Texas HCN”?) You may reach out to your agent, underwriter, and/or the ICW Network Coordinator for more information.

I renewed my policy with ICW Group. Do I need to submit another HCN Notice of Distribution Affidavit if I’ve already submitted one?

No. The submitted affidavit is valid for the life of the policy, including renewals. You must continue to pass out the Employee Information Materials to all new hires to be compliant with Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) requirements.

Does the affidavit need to be notarized or sent by certified mail?


Where can I find more information on the Texas HCN?

You can find more information on the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) website .

Employer Cover Letter for Employees

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Coventry TX HCN Pre-Authorized Treatment List

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Coventry TX HCN Provider Instruction Form

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Employee Notification Materials – Time of Injury

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First Visit Medical Authorization Form

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TX HCN Notice of Distribution Affidavit


Employee Notification Materials – Initial/Time of Hire

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Complaint Procedure

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