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Beat the Heat & Keep Your Cool: Indoors

When it comes to heat, indoor workers can face the same hazards as outdoor workers. Summer temperatures are exacerbated by inadequate ventilation and equipment generating heat. Customers in such industries as machine shops, foundries, packing houses, etc., who have workplaces reaching above 80° will find this webinar beneficial.

You’ll learn:

  • 10 easy steps to reduce heat illness risk.
  • Key training elements for supervisors and employees.
  • How to implement a heat illness prevention program in your workplace.
  Workers welding  

Download these helpful heat illness prevention resources

Heat Illness Prevention Plan
Edit this plan for your own company.
Download Word
Heat Illness "Know the Difference"
Learn the difference between heat exhaustion and stroke.
Download PDF
Tips to Prevent Indoor Heat Illness
Promote heat illness prevention with these tips.
Download PDF
Heat Illness - Causes, Symptoms, Treatments
Use this hand-out when training employees.
Download PDF
Indoor Heat Illness Prevention Quiz
This short quiz helps to reinforce training.
Download PDF
10 Tips to Beat the Heat Indoors Flyer
Post this flyer to encourage heat illness prevention.
Download PDF
Submitted Webinar Q&A
Download PDF

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