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Think Before You Climb: Helping Employees Use Ladders Safely


Ladder safety is a top three most-cited OSHA violation, which costs businesses thousands and can result in serious injury or death. To ensure safe ladder use at your jobsite, train workers on what proper use of a ladder looks like. ICW Group is here to help.

Watch our safety training webinar, where we’ll review mistakes employees make while using a ladder and how to get them on the right step!

Make ladder safety a priority

  • 10 steps to improve ladder safety
  • Choosing the right ladder for the job
  • How to inspect ladders before use
  • Ladder inspection tools you can use
  Watch ICW Group's Think Before You Climb webinar  

Download these helpful ladder safety resources

Webinar Presentation Handout
ICW Group's Think Before You Climb Presentation
Download PDF
10 Critical Steps to Ladder Safety
Post this to encourage your team to stay safe.
Download PDF
Ladder Safety Checklist
Promote checking ladders before every use.
Download PDF
Ladder Safety Do's and Don'ts
A list of what to do and what to avoid.
Download PDF
Ladder Inspection Form
Keep track of your inspections for each of your ladders.
Download PDF

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