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Spot It & Stop It Series: Post Pandemic Fraud Prevention


Fighting work comp fraud starts with knowing what to look for. Who is likely to commit fraud? What are the warning signs?

Our Special Investigations Unit experts will discuss the latest post-pandemic fraud techniques impacting businesses in this installment of the Spot It & Stop It fraud prevention webinar training. Know what red flags to look for and how to fight back.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Modern work comp fraud techniques
  • COVID-related fraud schemes
  • What to do if you suspect fraud
  • How you can prevent fraudulent claims
  Watch ICW Group's Post-Pandemic Fraud Prevention Webinar.  

Download these helpful resources on post pandemic fraud prevention

Post Pandemic Fraud Prevention Presentation
ICW Group's Post Pandemic Fraud Prevention webinar presentation.
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10 Ways to Prevent Fraudulent Claims
10 ways you can prevent fraudulent work comp claims.
Learn how employers are defending against fraud.
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