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Work Comp Fraud: Spot It & Stop It

Work comp fraud costs businesses billions of dollars every year in lost time, work morale, productivity, staffing and overall business growth. Protect your company from unnecessary costs!

This complimentary webinar arms you with the tools you need to identify the red flags of workers’ compensation fraud and learn steps you can take to fight back.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What constitutes work comp fraud.
  • Why fraud is big business.
  • Valuable tips for spotting and stopping fraud.
  • What to do when fraud is suspected.

Webinar: Work Comp Fraud - Spot it and Stop it

Download these helpful work comp fraud resources

Top 10 Red Flags of Work Comp Fraud
Top ten indicators of work comp fraud flyer
Download PDF
False Claims Ticket - Use as a Paycheck Stuffer
Fraudulent claim ticket paycheck stuffer.
PDF (English & Spanish)
Anti-Fraud Workplace Poster
Anti-fraud workplace poster

11 x 17″ poster

PDF (English & Spanish)
True Stories of Work Comp Fraud Poster
True stories of work comp fraud poster.

11 x 17″ poster

Download PDF