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Work Comp Fraud: Your Top 10 Questions Answered


Don’t let workers’ compensation fraud impact your business. Work comp fraud is a serious crime that costs businesses billions annually. Know what you can do to fight against fraud. Learn how to prevent it, spot it and stop it.

In this webinar ICW Group’s fraud experts from its Special Investigations Unit will answer the top 10 questions asked about fraud.

Topics include:

  • Warning signs of fraud
  • Steps you can take before you hire to prevent fraud
  • What to do about post termination claims
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Download these helpful work comp fraud resources

The 10 Most Asked Questions About Work Comp Fraud
ICW Group Workers Compensation Fraud: 10 Most Asked Questions
Know the facts! This handout answers the top 10 questions asked about fraud.
Download PDF
R.E.P.O.R.T. Worksheet to Guide your Investigation
Worksheet to guide your work comp fraud investigation.
Have concerns about a recent claim? Use this worksheet to guide you.
Download PDF
Anti-Fraud Workplace Poster
Anti-fraud workplace poster
Remind workers that fraud is serious & provide the Fraud Reporting Hotline.
PDF (English & Spanish)
10 Ways to Prevent Fraudulent Claims
10 ways you can prevent fraudulent work comp claims.
Learn how employers are defending against fraud.
Download PDF
Your Fraud Fighting Partner
ICW Group - your fraud fighting partner.
ICW Group’s fraud fighting partnership, by the numbers.
Download PDF
Top Ten Indicators of Work Comp Fraud
Top ten indicators of work comp fraud flyer
Check out this list of the top red flags that may indicate claim fraud.
Download PDF
False Claims Ticket Paycheck Stuffer
Fraudulent claim ticket paycheck stuffer.
Engage your workforce in the fight against fraud with these helpful paycheck stuffers.
PDF (English & Spanish)
True Stories of Work Comp Fraud Poster
True stories of work comp fraud poster.
Real stories of real workers and the consequences of their frauds.