Payroll Reporting

Don’t be unpleasantly surprised when it comes to your money.

When your premiums are based solely on forecast, you could end up paying much more than you should—that’s money out of your pocket. At ICW Group, your premiums are based on actual exposure, and not one cent more.

Navigating the maze of workers’ compensation classifications is a lot easier when you partner with ICW Group. In fact, ICW Group may even help you save money during the premium audit process. Now that’s a surprise worth having!

Select your interim audit billing plan

  • Your payroll reports can be submitted by 3 different time schedules: monthly, quarterly or semi-annually
  • Simplify your reporting by providing us forms / reports from your payroll service or application
  • For your convenience, you may mail, fax or email your audit reports

Want to learn more?

Visit the ICW Group Workers’ Compensation Policyholder Center (PC), Payroll reporting.

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