Prevent Fraud

Prevent fraud from driving your costs up and your productivity down.

Fraud may be costing you more than you think. In fact, statistics show that up to 25% of all claims contain fraud. Work comp fraud takes money from your pocket and your employees out of work. You can fight back with ICW Group’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU).

ICW Group stands tough on fighting fraud

  • Advanced fraud training for your employees
  • Active detection, deterrence and investigation of suspected fraud
  • In-depth investigations, surveillance and background searches
  • Collaboration with your local law enforcement agencies and the DOI Fraud Division

You can easily report fraud

If you suspect fraud at your workplace, contact the ICW Group Fraud Hotline.

  • 855.ICW.FRAUD (855.429.3728)
  • Contact our Fraud Division

Learn more

Visit the workers’ compensation Policyholder Center, Fighting Fraud area to learn more about fraud and to find important fraud materials.

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