Customer Testimonials

Are you getting the most value for your work comp dollar?

You should be – and your work comp carrier should be by your side to help. Choosing the best workers’ compensation carrier can be a daunting task but, with ICW Group you’ll know you’ve made the right choice. If you’re looking for a carrier who puts you first, look to ICW Group.

Lan McIlvain of Alan McIlvain Company's customer testimonial page.

Alan McIlvain Company

Lan McIlvain
Marcus Hook, PA

Before ICW Group, the Alan McIlvain Company was with the state fund and didn’t receive nearly the level of service and attention to detail as they needed. The company immediately noticed a big difference working with ICW Group. The partnership has not only made their employees safer, it has also helped them lower their costs.

Brian Bennett of Haldeman Lexus' customer testimonial page.

Haldeman Lexus

Brian Bennett
Business Development Manager and Vice President
Lawrenceville, NJ

At Brian’s Lexus dealership, keeping his associates safe is a top priority. Brian was frustrated with his previous carrier as they weren’t fully committed to his safety program. In fact, he hardly received an onsite visit. Brian now appreciates the total engagement he receives from ICW Group, including frequent visits by its safety manager, and it gives him peace of mind knowing they go home safe.

Tony Veltri of Veltri, Inc's customer testimonial page.

Veltri, Inc.

Tony Veltri
Levittown, PA

Truck drivers at Veltri face constant risks while traversing one of America’s busiest regions. Tony’s previous carrier was not actively engaged with keeping his company safe. To receive a higher level of service, Tony Veltri’s trusted agent of 20 years recommended ICW Group. Since then, a culture of safety has become a way of life at the company.

Erin Ennis of Residential Elevators' customer testimonial page.

Residential Elevators

Erin Ennis
Executive Vice President
Crawfordville, Florida

Erin Ennis knows how important safety is to the success of her company and the well-being of her team members. She trusted the professional advice of her agent when he recommended changing insurance companies to ICW Group. By developing a thorough understanding of Residential Elevator’s business, ICW Group helped Erin and her team focus more on safety and by doing so, reduced the company’s ex-mod 42%.

Brain Banks of Action Towing's customer testimonial page.

Action Towing

Brian Banks
Redwood City, CA

Safety is Owner Brian Banks’ top goal. In such a risky business, having a trustworthy partnership with ICW Group is a huge weight off of Brian’s shoulders. When one of Brian’s employees was struck by a vehicle and severely hurt, he felt confident turning to ICW Group for help, knowing they would take care of his team member.

Dave Rauschkolb of Bud and Alley's' customer testimonial page.

Bud & Alley’s

Dave Rauschkolb
Seaside, FL

As the owner of several restaurants, Dave Rauschkolb balances a lot to ensure his businesses run smoothly. ICW Group’s online tools help his management teams stay on top of their safety culture—which pays off during the busy summer season when accidents are prone to happen. Dave sleeps well at night, knowing his staff are getting home safely.