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Top 10 Tips to Lower Your Ex-Mod & Reduce Costs

The experience modification factor – aka Ex-mod – is a way to rate how your company is doing compared to other companies in the same industry. A high Ex-mod directly impacts your premium, and if you can control your Ex-mod, you can save on your premium.

Our webinar will help you understand how your Ex-mod is calculated and give you tips to help reduce your costs.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • What is your Ex-mod
  • How is your Ex-mod calculated
  • Top 10 things YOU can do

Webinar Resources

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Download these helpful resources about lowering your Ex-mod

10 Tips to Lower Your Ex-mod Presentation
ICW Group's 10 tips to lower your ex-mod and reduce costs webinar presentation.
PDF version of the Top 10 Things to Lower Your Ex-Mod webinar slides.
Download PDF
10 Things to Lower Your Ex-mod Poster
10 things you should know to lower your ex-mod and reduce costs.
This bright 1-page poster contains the top 10 things you can do to control your Ex-Mod.
Download PDF
Increase Safety & Lower Your Ex-Mod worksheet
What is your plan to increase safety, lower your ex-mod and reduce costs?
Complete your personal Ex-Mod plan to make an impact on your long-term savings.
Download PDF
What is an Ex-Mod and Why Should I Care Flyer
What is an ex-mod and why should I care?
Quick 1-page view of what an Ex-Mod is & its costly impact on your premiums.
Download PDF
NCCI’s ABCs of Experience Rating Brochure
ABCs of Experience Rating.
Further your understanding of Ex-Mod & how it affects your work comp costs.
Download PDF
Safety OnDemand’s OSHA Program Wizards
OSHA program wizard from Safety OnDemand.
Shown in webinar: Choose 1 Safety OnDemand “wizard” plan before having to login.
Download Word
Accident Investigation Form
ICW Group's Step up to a safer workplace accident investigation form
After reporting your claim, document the investigation for your records.
Download PDF