New DIC Policy Forms and Endorsements

  1. Accounts Receivable
  2. Actual Cash Value
  3. Exclusion Named Causes of Loss, Washington
  4. Valuable Papers and Records
  5. Utility Services Time Element
  6. Utility Services Direct Damage
  7. Underlying Deductible Warranty
  8. Total Flood Exclusion
  9. Statement of Values Clause Amended
  10. Spoilage
  11. Specified Flood Zone Exclusion Flood Excluded at Specific Locations
  12. Specified Flood Zone Exclusion Amended
  13. Specified Flood Zone Exclusion
  14. Self Insured Retention
  15. Per Building Deductible
  16. Ordinary Payroll Limitation or Exclusion
  17. Ordinance or Law Increased Period of Restoration
  18. Ordinance or Law Exclusion Exhaustion of Underlying Policy Aggregates
  19. Ordinance or Law
  20. Newly Acquired Property
  21. Limit of Insurance Enhancement Margin Clause
  22. Loss Payable Provisions
  23. Manufacturers Selling Price Finished Stock Only
  24. Limited Coverage Flood
  25. Ingress or Egress
  26. Homeowners Association Fees
  27. HOA Extension
  28. Extra Expense
  29. Exhaustion of Underlying Aggregate Limits Scheduled Locations and Named Causes of Loss
  30. Exhaustion of Underlying Aggregate Limits
  31. Exclusion Named Causes of Loss
  32. Excess Property Insurance
  33. Excess Limit of Insurance and Participation Clause
  34. Electronic Data Processing Equipment
  35. Earthquake Sprinkler Leakage Sublimit
  36. Earthquake Sprinkler Leakage
  37. Difference in Conditions
  38. Certified Green Building Extension
  39. Business Income from Dependent Properties
  40. Business Income and Extra Expense
  41. Back up of Sewers
  42. Amended Notice of Cancellation
  43. Business Income without Extra Expense
  44. Ordinance or Law Exclusion