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Slips. Trips. Falls: Taking Steps to Keep Everyone on Their Feet

Claims resulting from same-level slips, trips, and falls are a big piece of the workers’ compensation pie, accounting for more than 12 percent of policyholder claims over the past five years. This is also a hazard that is easy to address with simple best practices that can be implemented now.

In this webinar, learn your risk factors and practical steps you can take today to solve your slip, trip, and fall problems.

Reduce future claims by preventing same-level falls once and for all!

Topics include:

  • Common workplace practices that might be hurting more than helping.
  • Who’s falling and why.
  • Best practices you can do now to prevent slips, trips, and falls.

Video of Slips. Trips. Falls. webinar.

Download these helpful slips, trips and falls resources

Slips, Trips & Falls Presentation PDF
Slips, Trips & Falls webinar presentation

View the “Slips, Trips & Falls” webinar slides in PDF format

Download PDF
Slips, Trips, Falls Assessment
Slips, trips, falls assessment spreadsheet

Complete this quick assessment for your slip, trip & fall program

Download Excel
Risk Reduction Form
Risk reduction form.

Assess slip, trip & fall risks and plan possible solutions

Download Word
Slips, Trips, Falls Did You Know?
Slips, Trips Falls Did You Know Flyer.

Helpful infographic reminder for avoiding falls in your workplace

Download PDF
Six Ways to Reduce Your Risk
Six ways to reduce your risk of slips, trips and falls flyer.

Remind workers how to keep everyone on their feet

Download PDF
Slips, Trips, Falls Do You Know What to Do?
Slips, Trips, Falls Do You Know What to Do? Flyer.

Practical tips to avoid falls – just add your cleanup team contact

Download PDF
Same Level Fall Prevention - Floor Cleaning
Same level fall prevention - floor cleaning.

Safety reference outlining 3 practical steps for floor cleaning

Download PDF
Same Level Fall Prevention - Floor Matting
Same level fall prevention - floor matting.

Safety reference explaining how to select proper floor matting

Download PDF
Same Level Fall Prevention - Slip Resistant Footwear
Same level fall prevention - slip resistant footwear.

Review of footwear effectiveness and program elements

Download PDF