Customer Testimonials

Are you getting the most value for your work comp dollar?

You should be – and your work comp carrier should be right there to help. If you’re looking for a carrier who puts you first, look to ICW Group.

Melissa Takeda of Options for Learning's customer testimonial page.

Options for Learning

Melissa Takeda
Human Resources Director
Covina, CA

As a nonprofit, Melissa operates a very lean budget. Impressed with ICW Group’s personalized services and fast claim closures, she decided to continue her partnership with ICW Group. Despite it not being the cheapest policy, Melissa was confident that her existing relationship with ICW Group would yield long-term cost savings.

Annie D'Alessandro of Wilson Way Tire Company's customer testimonial page.

Wilson Way Tire Company, Inc.

Anne D'Alessandro
Vice President
Stockton, CA

Anne’s tire retread facility is one of the highest rated class codes in California. Her frustration with carriers who didn’t take the time to understand her business, ended when her agent advised her to partner with ICW Group. Anne continues to be impressed with ICW Group’s knowledge and dedication to Wilson Way Tire.

Jeff Lindeman of San Diego County Regional Airport Authority's customer testimonial page.

San Diego County Regional Airport Authority

Jeff Lindeman
Director, Human Resources
San Diego, CA

Running an international airport requires a highly skilled team of people working at peak performance. Thanks to ICW Group and his trusted work comp agent, Jeff implemented a comprehensive program that helps his employees leave work each day, as healthy, if not a little healthier, then when they arrived.

Grace Bailey of the Sacramento River Cats' customer testimonial page.

Sacramento River Cats

Grace Bailey
Director, Human Resources
Sacramento, CA

Hosting a professional baseball game for 14,000 fans takes “all hands on deck.” Grace was amazed at the quality time that ICW Group’s risk manager, Steven, invested in her growing safety program. Grace now blames Steven for making her “a little obsessed with safety.” But Grace wouldn’t have it any other way, and neither would her winning team!

Julie Lambert of S. Martinelli & Company's customer testimonial page.

S. Martinelli & Company

Julie Lambert
Director of Finance and Human Resources
Watsonville, CA

Julie knows how vital a safe and productive team is to S. Martinelli & Company’s world famous sparkling cider. Her work comp agent advised her to partner with ICW Group, since then, she’s achieved an impressive 90% claims closure rate. Julie’s success continues to help S. Martinelli & Company deliver outstanding products all over the world.

Leslie Cabral of Home Instead Senior Care's customer testimonial page.

Home Instead Senior Care

Leslie Cabral
Downey, CA

As a small business owner, work comp insurance is Leslie’s highest expense. She was “walking on egg shells” with her previous carrier hoping a claim wouldn’t happen. Along with her agent and ICW Group, Julie has instilled a new safety program which has helped her Ex-Mod go down and her rates improve.