HR OnDemand is a free service offered exclusively to your ICW Group clients.

Protect your clients with expert advice

HR OnDemand offers an experienced team of Human Resource advisors and free online resources for accurate, actionable advice on any question your clients may ask on workforce compliance – federal, state, or local. With HR OnDemand, your clients will have access to:

  • Additional business advice beyond work comp.
  • Access to live HR experts and compliance guidance, reducing the expense for consultants and attorneys.
  • Timely regulatory information, expert-authored articles, blog posts and newsletters.
HR representative happily answering an HR related question

Advantages for your clients


  • Free to all policyholders – multiple accounts are available
  • Trustworthy guidance in all 50 states
  • Certified advisors (SPHR and PHR)
  • Handbook builder & 1000s of sample forms


  • Helps the policyholder to stay compliant with state HR laws
  • Reduces time spent researching HR issues with easy search functionality
  • Saves additional costs by eliminating the need to hire additional HR consultants

Powerful HR tools for your clients available anytime, anywhere


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Help clients get answers to their important HR questions


  • Can vaccinations be required?
  • What is the best way to announce workplace COVID-19 exposure?
  • What are the requirements for paying COVID-19 sick time?

HR Handbook-Related

  • What should I include in the handbook?
  • How often should I update?
  • How do I prepare HR policies?

General Advice-Related

  • Questions about sexual harassment training
  • Penalties for workers skipping breaks
  • Wages: commission, overtime, final paycheck