Help employers better protect their employees’ health by providing them with ICW Group’s Nurse Triage Hotline resources. The more your policyholders are aware of this service, the better protected they and their employees will be should a non-emergency workplace injury occur.

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Nurse Triage Hotline for workers’ comp injuries

Immediate medical advice for your client’s employees

Nurse Triage Hotline is a service provided by ICW Group to all policyholders, with registered nurses who specialize in treating workplace injuries. This 24/7 service ensures that employees with non-emergency injuries can call to receive immediate medical evaluation and a treatment plan.

Employees can speak to a registered nurse within 1 minute of their call, preventing minor injuries from getting worse and becoming a major claim.

  • Available in English and Spanish
  • A call summary is sent to your policyholder within 15 minutes of the call
  • 24/7 access to nurses specializing in workplace injuries
  • Easily share pictures of cuts and burns for improved results
A nurse helping an injured worker through ICW Group's Nurse Triage Hotline

Does your client need the Nurse Triage Hotline?

Help your clients take advantage of this new service

Here are 3 ways you can help your clients get the most out of our new 24/7 Nurse Triage Hotline:

Promotional material for ICW Group's Nurse Triage Hotline.

Send a link to the collateral website we created just for you and your clients to download, print, and ship materials – we pay for everything!

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ICW Group's Nurse Triage Hotline flyer.

Provide this flyer to educate your clients about this valuable service.

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ICW Group's Nurse Triage Hotline Email to Policyholders.

Announce this new service with a quick, pre-written email.

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Learn more about the Nurse Triage Hotline at the Policyholder Center

The Policyholder Center contains helpful information about the Nurse Triage Hotline, including links to free downloadable resources, like flyers, posters, stickers and wallet cards. Be sure to let your clients know about the Nurse Triage Hotline so they can begin to promote this valuable new service.

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