ICW Group Awarded for Reducing Pain of Surgery Recovery

Company Wins the First Annual Mitchell mPower Award for Delivering an Excellent Customer Experience Through Surgery Concierge Service

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 25, 2017— ICW Group Insurance Companies, a group of property and casualty carriers, received the first annual Mitchell mPower Award for reducing pain of surgery recovery with Surgery Concierge Service. Mitchell’s mPower Awards celebrates customers who are delivering better outcomes through innovative technology or business transformations.

“Ensuring positive patient outcomes is our top priority, and that means giving patients the freedom and space to heal,” said Amanda Granger, vice president of Workers’ Compensation Claims. “It is our responsibility as insurers to understand and navigate the complexities of workers’ compensation. Through this project, we were able to relieve patients of many logistical burdens associated with their treatment so that they can focus on their top priorities: recovery and good health.”

Patients approved for surgery in the work comp insurance market are frequently left to fend for themselves without any nurse oversight or education. Mitchell worked with ICW Group to help identify areas for increased efficiencies when servicing patients. Leveraging ICW Group feedback and evaluating the needs of its global customer base, Mitchell was able to implement a series of solutions which now form the core of Mitchell’s Surgery Concierge service.

The implementation of Surgery Concierge resulted in positive outcomes for many involved in the claims process. Overall, patients were less stressed and felt better cared for, making it a better surgical experience. The burden on claims adjusters was also lifted as they saw patients were receiving expert support from nurse case managers who could resolve issues on the medical care side. By proactively looking for solutions, ICW Group was able to improve business and customer’s overall experience.

Learn more about this exciting project by visiting Mitchell’s website.