Report and Manage Claims

COVID-19 claims in California

If an employee contracts COVID-19 at work, report the incident by following the steps below.

If an employee contracts COVID-19 and it’s not work-related, you are required to report the exposure using the SB 1159 California Employer Reporting Form.

For resources on COVID-19 and your workers’ comp policy, visit our COVID-19 Resources page.

What to do when an incident occurs


1Get medical treatment if necessary

If your employee’s need for treatment appears urgent — for example, bleeding profusely, unconscious or may be having a heart attack — get them to the nearest emergency room or call 911.

For non-emergency injuries, the Nurse Triage Hotline is available. Your employee can call 855.469.6877 (855-4MY-NURSE) to speak to a nurse specializing in workplace injuries. This service is accessible 24/7, offers English and Spanish-speaking nurses, and will start the claims process for you.

Note: If your employee needs medical treatment, you must approve treatment at a Medical Provider Network (MPN) facility within one working day after you receive a claim form from your employee. If your employee has pre-designated a personal physician to treat on-the job injury or illness, the employee should go to this physician.

Find a Medical Provider    Learn more about the MPN ›


2Complete California’s claim forms

We’re happy to help complete the First Notice of Injury (Initial Report) form for you. Just call us!

844.442.9252 (844.4.ICW.CLAIMS)

Give form DWC1 to the injured employee within one working day after learning about the employee’s work injury or illness. The employee should complete the Employee section and return the form to you. Within one day of receiving the completed and signed form from your employee, complete the Employer section, provide one copy to the injured employee, and one copy to ICW Group. Keep a copy for your records.

To report a COVID-19 exposure

Senate Bill 1159 (SB-1159) provides outbreak definition guidance and requirements for reporting COVID-19 exposures. Use this online form to ensure you’re in compliance with this new California legislation.

SB 1159 California Employer Reporting Form



3Submit applicable forms

Select one of these convenient ways to submit your forms. If you have questions feel free to call us 844.442.9252 (844.4.ICW.CLAIMS).




First Notice of Loss
PO Box 509039
San Diego, CA 92150


4Fulfill Cal/OSHA requirements

All California employers must immediately report to Cal/OSHA any work-related death or serious injury or illness. Learn more about Cal/OSHA requirements ›

What to do after you’ve reported a claim

Help your injured workers

We understand navigating the claims process can be challenging. ICW Group provides you several tools to make this easier.
Learn more about helping your injured workers ›
Tell your injured workers about the option to use telemedicine ›
Send your workers On the Road to Recovery ECards ›

Maintain contact with your ICW Group examiner

Communication is the best way to manage claims. Contact your Claims Examiner if:

  • An injured worker’s job status changes.
  • The availability of modified work changes.
  • The injured worker is terminated.
  • The injured worker’s rate of pay has changed.
  • You believe they’re working elsewhere or are involved in recreational activities.
  • You suspect fraud.