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ICW Group is pleased to offer you a new marketing campaign system, complete with emails, printed postcards and brochures. We pay for the services, printing and postage. Everything. This unique platform promotes you – and best of all IT’S FREE.

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During this 30-minute prerecorded webinar, you’ll learn to:

  • Use LeadGen OnDemand to differentiate your offerings.
  • Create eye-catching and informative direct mail.
  • Convey your partnership and industry expertise.
  • Design & send customized emails in just 5 minutes!

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Watch the ICW Group LeadGen On Demand webinar

It’s targeted.

Want to grow your business in a specific industry? No problem. LeadGen OnDemand is here for you. Simply choose from hundreds of compelling messages and images that demonstrate how you’re the best partner to help them lower risks, reduce claims, prevent fraud, save on premiums and more.

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ICW Group LeadGen OnDemand allows you to create a variety of work comp marketing materials

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Sign up in less than 30 seconds and start using LeadGen OnDemand right away. We already have an account ready for you – simply add your contact information. In no time at all, you’re ready to start sending beautiful, printed direct mail and email!

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ICW Group LeadGen OnDemand allows you to design workers' comp postcards

It’s our treat.

Did we say it’s absolutely free? As our valued partner, all services – printing, postage, mailing, email, campaign tracking – is 100% paid by us. Speak directly to the needs of today’s work comp buyers and watch your phone ring off the hook. Let’s work together to grow business – this one’s on us!

Use ICW Group LeadGen OnDemand to send specialized workers' comp emails

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We offer virtual office hours every month to help you get the most out of LeadGen OnDemand. Join our live conversations the third Wednesday of every month, 11:30am – 12:00pm PT by clicking on the Microsoft Teams link below (when it’s time).
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You can also email an expert or ask your Business Development Underwriter.

ICW Group's LeadGen OnDemand Office Hours.

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absolutely no cost to you – it’s free!

LeadGen OnDemand FAQs.

We hope you find these frequently asked questions helpful. If you still have questions about this unique marketing tool, please contact us:

How do I sign up for LeadGen OnDemand?

If you’re an appointed agent, we already have an account ready! Simply open and use the same email address we have on record for you.

If you’re new or recently joined us, you may not be in our email listing. Don’t worry – simply contact your ICW Group Business Development Underwriter or We’ll get you all set up!

I’m unable to get through to the site / I get a security warning page. What should I do?

First of all, rest assured the site is fully secure. On a rare occasion, your company may have a firewall setting blocking the SSL handshake from occurring, which causes this warning. Please have your IT representative ‘whitelist’ LeadGen OnDemand by adding the following URL as a ‘trusted site’ for your network:

If you still experience issues, please contact – we’re here to help!

Are there restrictions to using LeadGen OnDemand?

Yes, but just a few:

  • You must be currently appointed with us.
  • Use for prospects only, not current clients. Prospects must reside in our primary states.
  • California “broker agreements” (versus agency agreements) don’t allow brokers to insert a logo alongside ours. Therefore, we’re restricting the ability to upload a logo for those with CA broker agreements.

Are there any technology concerns I need to know?

LeadGen OnDemand should work well in most browsers and on mobile devices.

There are a few set-up items, such as having your technology team add the email service provider to your DNS settings (to make sure your email messages send successfully and stay out of spam boxes). Not to worry – you’ll find complete instructions available in the LeadGen OnDemand platform.