Image Library

Images are provided in JPG or PNG format and bundled in WinZip files for ease of downloading.

Restrictions of use of ICW Group logos and images

While we provide these images for your convenience, the use of ICW Group logos and images is in accordance with these Terms & Conditions of Use. For example: Images must be used in proportion to their original size; You cannot combine the ICW Group logo with any other object, including text and other images. Please review the complete Terms & Conditions of Use.

Logo images

This download contains the ICW Group Insurance Companies logos, available in blue (example shown below) and in black. Included are high-quality images for printing.

ICW Grp_logo_Blue

Download ICW Group Logos

Company images

This image is a photo of the ICW Group Corporate Headquarters in San Diego, CA. Included in the download are 2 images – small at 72 dpi (as shown below) and large for high-quality printing.

ICW Group Innovation Point Building Home Office

Download ICW Group Corporate Headquarters