“It was a big blessing knowing that we have ICW Group, and that things were going to be handled.”

“In our industry there is a lot of risk. It’s not uncommon for our employees to be working on the side of the highway with no shoulder and traffic whizzing by at 60 miles per hour—we’re put into a lot of dangerous situations. Our drivers are the most important part of our business.”

“We get a lot of value from our Agent and ICW Group. In addition to the safety programs they’ve helped us put in place, knowing that we can count on them is a huge blessing. When one of my employees was hit by a drunk driver eight months ago, we called ICW Group and they got things rolling immediately. When you’re in this kind of situation, being able to turn to your insurance company and have them show you that it’s going to be alright and they will get it handled is a big weight off of my shoulders.”

Brian Banks
Action Towing
Redwood City, CA