“Having a great partner, like ICW Group, helps us know that our employees always go home safely.”

“Residential Elevators has a family of terrific employees that have a wide array of responsibilities. Our riskiest positions are those who actually install the elevators—it’s not unusual for them to be hanging over an open elevator shaft at a height of 50-foot. We also have service techs, 18-wheel truck drivers that cover the country, and multiple people throughout our manufacturing plant. Over time, we get to know their families and their children—and safety is very important to us.

“Our broker is a pro who understands our business thoroughly. At renewal time, he introduced us to ICW Group. After looking at a variety of factors, we decided it was time for a change—and selected ICW Group. We’ve been very pleased with their service. They bring a new set of eyes, and point out things that we don’t think about. A few years ago, our ex-mod was 1.66. ICW Group has partnered with us to focus on safety, and we have reduced our ex-mod to .97. Having a great partner like ICW Group, helps us know that we have the resources and people in place to ensure our employees always go home safely at night.”

Erin Ennis
Executive Vice President
Residential Elevators
Crawfordville, Florida