Career Spotlight: Work Comp Claims

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At ICW Group, taking care of our customers is our number one priority! As part of the Work Comp Claims team, you’ll be given the tools to help those who need it most. Read Stories from our Work Comp Claims Team Members!

Lower Caseloads Mean Better Hands-On Service

Our goal is to provide ICW Group customers with the best hands-on claims service they’ve ever experienced. To achieve this, our claims team has one of the lowest caseload averages in the industry. Less case-loads for you means more one-on-one attention for your customers. You’ll appreciate having the opportunity to give your undivided attention to each individual claim, and provide the best service to your customers.

Team Building Recognition

When you work at ICW Group, you’re part of an award winning team and you’ll be recognized as a valued and important team member. In our Work Comp Claims department, there is always something “abuzz” when it comes to fun team challenges, monthly games, and motivational awards. At the end of the day, we want you to feel good about what you have achieved!

Read our Work Comp Claims Team Stories that fellow team members have put together to share with you. We’re sure you’ll find ICW Group is a great place for you to build your career. Then, Browse our Open Work Comp Claims Jobs!

Your Road to Success

We believe that every team member contributes to our success, and in return, we are committed to helping you travel the road to your own success.

We offer many accelerated training programs that are designed and created specifically around individual needs and career goals. We understand that every individual team member has a different learning curve and we provide training programs that fit the needs specific to each person.

With our own in-house Claims Training School, you’ll learn the processes, rules and regulations from top mentors in your own field. Additionally, using our online courses and references, you can refresh your skills whenever needed.

What’s most important is providing the training and education you need to do your job right!